Day 41 Newburg to New Waterford, Ohio – 63 Miles into Amish Country


MapMyRide Stats: 63 Miles  |  4:29  Time |  14.0 mph

Lots of rolling hills as we get close to Pennsylvania. We saw several Amish buggies traveling the countryside as we rolled through Ohio back roads near the border of Pennsylvania.  Home is just 45 minutes from this point.  The air was crisp, the sky was clear and the day went smooth as silk as we pedaled our way through some narrow country roads and brief urban traffic.  We had dinner in the campground and were lucky enough to enjoy the company of avid cyclist friends Terry and Kevin from Pittsburgh, Pa. They drove in from the city to check out the riders and see what it is like to ride a bicycle across the country with an organized group.

Jen’s bike got a little hung up today!
Check out that blue sky – another crystal-clear, cool July day.
Terry and Kevin came to visit our campsite at the Terrace Lakes Campground.