Day 25 De Smet to Tyler, Mn. – 77 miles – State #6 on the Big Ride

Cycling De Smet to Tyler, Minnesota – 77 Miles

MapMyRide Miles: 76.88 | Speed: 15.7 Mph | Time 4:54

sunrise in De Smet
This photo is another early morning sunrise. I cannot believe how many sunrises we have seen – the most I have ever seen in my life!
soy bean futures
There are lots and lots of soybeans and corn fields…the local billboard posts the crop futures…where else would you see stock market numbers when driving through a town?
Big (really big) soybean processing plant
Minnesota cycling
Robb, Paul, Cathy and Terry celebrate state #6
All the bikes in the Big Ride Across America, lined up and ready to roll.



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